23 February 2009

colour tests

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  1. Hi Big Fella - Really enjoying how 'visual' your blog is getting; love the thumbnail stuff; am particularly looking forward to seeing one of your environments get worked up from a thumbnail to a digital painting, through to a model; really, your ability to push a scene through your own work flow is at the heart of your project; and also, your commercial viability; be sure to titivate and archive ALL your developmental stuff, and maybe start thinking about how you might eventually compile your work into a designed, coherent whole; you might want to check out www.photobox.co.uk; an online book-publishing company, that, for a reasonable price, will generate a nice-looking limp-back publication. I've used them myself; essentially, you upload your digital assets to their site, drag and drop your images into the template provided (which you can customise - to a degree), save the document, pay your money, and then, in about seven days, you get it posted back to you as resolved publication... I think a cleanly presented, 'standardised' format will stage your work-flow to its best advantage; also, if you bulk order, you get the multiples more cheaply; they also create postcards etc., so maybe they might be useful for promotion at the shows? Anyway, it's worth thinking about... hope all is going well, and thanks again for the presentation last week :-)