22 March 2009

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  1. Hi Big Fella - Flying machines too! I hope all is well with you; as Emily and Luke will tell you, the New Designers event we went to on Friday was very inspirational - and intimidating; we have lots of work to do to a) promote ourselves there by getting the relevant information to their PR people in good time, and b) ensuring that the booth itself is high-spec and sexy - and well-curated; I hear you're coming along to Framestore - excellent; you'll see the limitations we'll face there - but also, how those limitations gives us a different spin entirely to New Designers. I made an interesting connection with Paul Butler - the creative director of Sky, who will be at New Designers looking especially at designers from a cg/new media background; I got his business card, as he was very interested in getting more involved with the course more generally - and, of course, he said he'd be coming to Framestore... anyway, I know that the third year is being rather lax in regard to their £100 so if you could lean on them in all your tattooed 'I drive a fork-lift truck' glory, that would be great... I look forward to your next posting; I'd like to see how you're going about publishing your project - the graphic design/typography etc; what are you doing to 'rationalise' the design of the document? Also, how are you going to 'show' your movement from text to environment via your visual reference and research? Of course, I so appreciate just how many balls you're juggling right now, but I hope you're keeping the energy levels nice and high and keeping your eye on the prize - which, isn't the mythical first, but rather the quiet, unshakeable knowledge that you are a designer-for-Maya, who knows how to go from a paper brief to an entire world... onwards and upwards! :-)