09 March 2009

a quick concept piece for the illuminatus wsg.... deamonhost

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  1. Hi Big Fella - There's a movie in the office you might want to take a look at (though you may have seen it already); it's called Immortal, and it's the brainchild of Enki Bilal http://bilal.enki.free.fr/index.php3

    It is a (not always successful) fusion of live-action and CG, but it is set in a futuristic New York, and what it does do well is a sense of 'used future', with some interesting old/new vehicle designs, and a strong 'steely' aesthetic - I bought the film 'cos I thought I might show it to the first years, but actually, from a film and story point of view, it is shite, so I decided against it; it's in the office on the shelf, so feel free to take it away; also, the uber-stylised cg animation Renaissance is there to, which you might enjoy from a graphical point of view - anyway, hope all is going well with you; look forward to seeing more posts; remember - be totally completist and archivists; when you're working on your models etc, remember to save renders etc. in increments; create animations/turnarounds of the wireframe stages; put simply, create the kind of exhaustive 'making of' experience that you would want from a cg artist! Your methodology is hugely important, so don't skimp! :-)