27 April 2009

stage by stage..... growth of a city


  1. Delicious! :-) Love this sequence, though I think images 5/6 have real qualities that is lost from the final image - but that is not to say that the last in the sequence is without its charms - just loses some nuances, perhaps? Might you consider some additional lighting sources to pick up on the enshadowed bridge and building facade - it seems very 'strong' and textureless by comparison... what a nit-picking bastard, I know! I'm not sending the PR images away until thursday; maybe send me some of the above as alternate images? Also, can you send me a passport image of yourself to me too? Cheers - and I'm genuinely looking forward to viewing your body of work; you're clearly working your nuts off! :-)

  2. Hi again, Big Fella - about Friday's trip to Framestore; I'm on the 10.26 from Whitstable that gets into Chatham at 11.03; we get into Victoria at 11.47, then its Oxford Circus by tube, and then we walk to Framestore on Wells Street for 12.30pm... see you then!