23 June 2009

more modelling

Additional modelling approz 1hr, plus distorted image.
Have also come up with aproject name: The Zombieland Chronicles. There will also be scope for character design etc.


  1. Hi Simon - below is a copy of the email I got from Jude Cox - looks as if the trail hasn't gone cold afterall - there's an email address for Robert Landau included - is it different? Anyway, I will also follow up - can you re-send me a copy of that original email you sent to Robert, which you copied me into - and I'll re-send it too...

    Philip-my dear man,

    I have located Rob/Bob and he is still interested in finding out more - apparently he didn't receive the emails I sent to him with the Simon's reel and your address. Sounds fishy to me but on the other hand my pc abitrarily sends people, total innocents, to junk mail.

    Anyway his address is RobertLandau@st.com. Because of the delay would you like to follow up now and give him ideas/options. I do know he is looking for something of a 'wow' factor to lure the punters....over to you. Hope you are still at college otherwise we are buggered!

  2. Hi Simon - see below - copy of email sent to Robert Landau today...

    Dear Robert,

    Hello there - I emailed you a while back after talking with out mutual friend Jude Cox regarding a graduate from Ba Hons CG Arts & Animation who I think might be suitable for your current project; while the precise details of your concept remain sketchy, I've gleaned enough to know that you're looking for someone to design genre-specific environments or libraries by which users can access film content - a horror-themed 'library' for horror movies - or something like that? Simon Holland is a talent student who graduated with a high 2:1, whose final project was a visualisation of environments from HG Well's The Sleeper Awakes; please visit his blog at www.corvusdesigns.blogspot.com for a look at his work; his strengths lie in being able to create 2d visualisations/concept art and then take them into 3d modelling software; I know that Simon has already emailed you, but Jude says that there's a possibility the messages are going to your junk mail? You might want to take a look, as I know Simon sent you lots of information, including his CV. If you receive this message, can you confirm, as I think Simon might be just the man for the job and I'd very much like to see this take off.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Best wishes, Phil Gomm - senior lecturer, CG Arts & Animation