19 June 2009

ten min speed paint


  1. Hi Big Fella - nice to see some new work - and I have a real fondness for 'old dark houses'... be sure to check out Hill House from the Robert Wise original of The Haunting... also see http://www.flickr.com/photos/39256401@N00/145282610

    do an image search for more infrared b/w imagery... always moody - and incredible 'texture'... :-)

  2. oh - and if you're looking for some specific imagery, check out the descriptions of the house of Usher from Poe's story of the same name...

  3. There's a house in Broomfield that has inspired this to an extentIt is tucked way back from the road(as it should be), however they painted it pristine white, this one will be grey and rotten.... as it should be.