04 August 2009

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  1. Hi Big Fella! How goes it in the post-graduate hinterland? And Bob? Nice to see some new 2d work arriving; am liking the painterly stuff. And how is the haunted house coming along? Are you creating this work with a specific context in mind? You know, I think it's always good to work to a specific brief; it can also pay dividends to 're-imagine' an often adapted book, in terms of character design and concept art, as people can often better appreciate creativity in relation to something they already know; for instance, a redesign of the Emerald City from Oz that MUSTN'T resemble anything that's gone before... it's a big challenge and a test of creative skills, because such concepts come with so much cultural and aesthetic baggage - something to think about though... :-) Anyway, stay chipper and remember you're playing the long game...