22 August 2009

Down to Earth...

.... with a bump?

Well kinda after exploring far off lands (and seas... and skies) I am back where it counts and exploring different avenues for my showreel, more technical stuff, so that the job hunt can truly begin in earnest. As will a ompplete refresh of my website... sooo busy times.

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  1. welcome home... and I know the feeling: I've just come back from a week in France; we stayed in a house with a pool, with a menagerie of wildlife for company... tree frogs, dragonflies, stick-insects, swarms of butterflies - and now I'm in the business of preparing teaching materials for the start of term... but onwards and upwards, yes? In regards to Friday 18th, what I'd especially like from your presentation would be for you to push and articulate the relationship and importance between conceptualisation and modelling; in other words, I want you to deal with your methodology; and, if I can prime you a little too, I'd like you to stress the point that Maya can give you nothing (it's a tool!), and that design, art direction, ideas and attention to conceptual detail is the thing! :-) I hope you agree!