18 October 2009

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  1. Evening Big Fella,

    And who is this poor wretched character - looks like she could use a bit of aloe vera on those nasty-looking welts... meanwhile, see below - a list of the student blogs you'll be following as of next week - go have a browse and suss the talent! :-)

    Dave at http://www.rattie-dave.blogspot.com
    Earl at http://yesmynameisearl.blogspot.com

    Ruben at http://rubensblogpage.blogspot.com

    Charlotte at http://thelastearthangel.blogspot.com

    Matt at http://www.hyland255.blogspot.com

    Farideh at www.faz-hamoni.blogspot.com

    Sam at http://samhayes101.blogspot.com

    Simon at http://simon-watts.blogspot.com

    Jordan at http://www.jordanbuckner.blogspot.com

    Jack at http://nosnevetskcaj.blogspot.com/

    Chris S’ at http://cgartunit1.blogspot.com/

    Matt at http://mattymunday.blogspot.com/

    Ethan at http://aflockofpixels.blogspot.com/

    Dan at http://dbrightba.blogspot.com/
    Shafi at http://redartideas.blogspot.com/

    Leo at http://ltsang.blogspot.com/

    Jolanta at http://jolantasketch.blogspot.com/

    Richard at http://richard-vc.blogspot.com/

    Elliot at http://ellymac.blogspot.com/

    Carl at http://cbarrett1985.blogspot.com/

    John at http://jonnybone.blogspot.com/

    Sean at http://seaku.blogspot.com/

    Adam at http://acbailey88.blogspot.com/

    Ethan at http://www.ethanclements.blogspot.com/

    Godwin at http://godwin-o.blogspot.com/

    Kin at http://kinseye.blogspot.com/

    Bharathi at www.bharathianthonysamy.blogspot.com/

    Barry at http://bpressland.blogspot.com/

    Aj at http://ajuj12.blogspot.com/

    Alex at http://anwmn.blogspot.com/

    Jade at http://jadetm17.blogspot.com/

    Bob at http://bobstrife.blogspot.com/

    Laura at http://www.psychofreakcg.blogspot.com/

    Baja at http://firstforeverything.blogspot.com/
    Benja at http://gbengaalake1.blogspot.com
    Shahbir at http://shubtastic.blogspot.com/
    Julian at http://julianuca.blogspot.com/
    Avtar at http://sol-av.blogspot.com
    Chris G’ at http://chrisguillon.blogspot.com/