26 October 2009


  1. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for the talk on concept art today, Im sure it will help us all to create some ideas from the books we've been assigned. I looked through your blog and your work is brilliant, I especially like this strawman, looks terrifying. lol

  2. Cheers Sam... Glad to have shed some light... don,t forget if you need any pointers etc. just yell. I will be keeping an eye on the blogs anyway.

  3. Hey Simon. The talk yesterday was really helpful - thanks!

    Some of the scenes in your show-reel were just unbelievable, is there any way I could see it again? The projector in the lecture theatre made it hard to make out the darker tones.

    Also, hope it's not too cheeky to ask; what was the music that accompanied the video in your show-reel?

    Loving your concept sketches of these bionic / mechanical characters, the style reminds me of something but I can't remember where from.

  4. Hi Simon, never too cheeky have just posted it above although for some reason it doesn't have sound, will have to investigate that.

    The soundtrack is called The Big Sky its a royalty free piece from http://www.audionetworkplc.com/

    Realised why there was no sound head phones were plugged in so it should work fine.