21 October 2009

snakey alien robot


  1. this robot looks cool would like to see a maya tutorial on how to model it that would be cool

  2. Evening Big Fella - a word of warning ;-) On wednesday, both Alan and I have to go to Maidstone to participate in a validation of the new course - and we have to leave at 2pm - which, of course, is your start time. This was sprung on me rather, and it's far from ideal; it just means the show is all yours. If we go up together before 2 and get you settled in, then the students are all primed to arrive and look at you in awe... don't worry, though - you'll be fine and they'll love it - and you can do a question and answer thing afterwards or just send them on their way. Anyway, we'll talk Wednesday morning; the po-mo lecture begins at 10, but i'll be in at 9, but I'll be based in Lecture theatre 1, so come find me... see you soon - and don't be nervous!