20 October 2009

What is going on?

Apart from meandering aimlessly that is? Well besides teaching myself Mudbox (very appropriate title) I have been exploring the pantheon of Undeath hence the random zombies and such like, drawing upon literature, film and games from the genre(s) (oh and music) I need to come up with a loose narrative to justify my world and ground it. I also need to take a more structured approach as I have been floating on whim and fancy as my mood has taken me.
Essential reading/ viewing:

Vampire:the masquerade
Muchos Clive Barker
Various vampire flicks and books etc.

you get the idea.

And another opportunity to watch Being Human which was great.

1 comment:

  1. Being Human? Hmmm - wasn't entirely sure about it myself - tonally, it was erratic, and I found wolfman a bit grating; all of that said, I think it needs another series to 'know' itself and get its mojo working! I see you've changed your blog a bit - and look - students too! I told you there were loads of them - like Tribbles! :-)