19 November 2009

30 min speed paint


  1. Only 30 minutes.. it's interesting if I after 6 hours would produce something even near to this.
    This looks just great!

  2. Looks fantastic. I suppose this just shows that once someone has the skill,it takes a really short time to create something impressive.

    I read the other day that the Gormenghast Castle has a bit of Rochester castle's style to it, which is close to home!

    Thinking back though, I read that on wikipedia so it might have been a complete lie. Nevertheless, the style is great, really gritty.

  3. Simon this is SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!
    Fuckin love it!
    I really wanna learn how to paint landscapes man :(
    Question: How can i make a burning torch in maya?
    you know like a flame as such?
    Coz, in my Usher scene (under the house) I wanna put torches on the wall to give it that creepy effect. Or do you have a way of doing it in Photoshop?