10 November 2009


  1. Hi Simon, great to see you on here - I love your images. Have you ever considered sequential art or a graphic novel?

    - Tom

  2. Hey there Tom, hows it hanging?

    Both my self portrait, and the transcription project were derived from sequential/ graphic novel backgrounds.

    My background with this media started with comic's like Eagle and my dear grandpa used to get me Commando on a regular basis as I got older I naturally progressed onto 2000AD.(Probably at its zenith)

  3. Things are cool here, how are things at your end Simon?

    Neat about the projects, I didn't realise - I recently re-discovered the medium thanks to finally opening up a parcel of comics given to me by Danny Bavenmark. Most of these I thought were trite, some kind of cool and one or two plain awesome. Since then I've been collecting the work of Dave McKean and looking out for edgy / insightful stories and great art.

    Anyhow, currently I'm super into the idea of creating a kick ass graphic novel as a melting pot of ideas from lit (Poe?) philosophy and raw experience. How do you feel about a collaboration? You can find me at http://tomorourke.blogspot.com/ for more info on my writing / current experiments. Also I'll check out 2000 A.D. Sounds neat.

  4. RE: Neat :), how are the first years? Phil mentioned there is a lot of talent about and the place has a good buzz to it which is good to hear.

    I was thinking about co-writing and developing a graphic novel? Obviously we both have commitments on our time such as freelance / teaching so it would be a nice 'long burner' that would also allow us to develop our still image / concept art portfolios.

    Plot wise I'm rejigging an old short story I've dug out to deal with conscription in a satirical / hypothetical future and how it affects 3 different lives that, prior to conscription, never touched despite living in the same apartment block which I could work on and send over if you like?

    Tone wise I'm primarily thinking of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's 'Hold Me' and Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's 'The Surrogates' as a rough guide.

    Also I see it as a kind of 'art book' where each page is carefully dealt with in terms of tone and technicality in order to ensure an unignorable and immersive experience.

    Ultimately I'm thinking we could put it online or we could run some pin ups / copies through a printers.

  5. Cool, I'll hammer it into shape over the next few days and send over a copy, maybe in the form of extracts from what currently exists and a detailed plot plan. Neat that you're familiar with Weldele - I can send you over a physical copy of The Surrogates if you like (I know, unheard of in the age of firing off torrents of stuff at the speed of light), I've got what I wanted to get out of it i.e. soft focus / impressionistic backgrounds (vs max detail foregrounds.) Is Degenesis a role playing game? I love all this kind of concept art particularly Warhammer and Magic the Gathering (particularly Magic the Gathering.) Good to hear about the first years, 40, cripes - great that it's expanding so fast.