05 January 2010

Hi all and a happy New Year

Well I finally have my computer back where it rightfully belongs after its position was usurped by a Christmas tree and associated paraphenalia.... the sacrifices that an artist has to make for a harmonious family life are never-ending ;p

As a taster of what is coming in the New Year I have decided to post a scene that I have been using to pactice low polygon modelling, the compete scene weighs in at approx 32,500 tris however the ground plane accounts for 3200 and the bridges are quite hefty at 22,744 tris for the pair, I am confident that I can pare these back a lot without sacrificing any detail. lighting is provided with a simple 3 light set up. Render time at 1080 HD on what is now quite an archaic machine is around 55secs a frame.
A big fat chocolate cookie to the person who can guess the inspiration of the far black cottage.
Phil you are excluded.....
The scene is atill very much WIP. But I am enjoying low poly modelling lots, so watch this space.


  1. Looks like the cabin from The Evil Dead? I'm way off base I'm sure...

  2. Sorry Tom so far off base lol..... although it does bring together film-making and garden design.

  3. noooooooo :( To be fair though.


    Very similar, other than the lack of a porch and a slightly different layout.

  4. This is actually a real world place, I still have to add a couple of details including a window above the door, a shed type annex anda house name.