05 January 2010

Highlights of the festive period.

1.Star Trek + Blu Ray + Sony Cinematic Surround sound made me v.happy and the neighbours wondering why a federation star ship was landing in their lounge... yes it would have def been worth the ASBO.
2. Carrera Mario Kart, slot cars for my little boy made us both happy bunnies.
3. Getting the other half pressies that she was happy with despite being on a post-student/ credit crunch budget... oh how i miss that student loan lol
4.Matt getting his laptop.... ironic how the power supply on lorraines packed up on X-Mas eve that'll be another £40 winging into the ether then.
5. Sarah still getting excited at opening the umpteenth packet of girly smelly stuff, how and why I do not know.
6 And most importantly spending 10 days 0ff out of 14 with friends and family ..... and plenty of festive cheer..... (btw. Stella 4% is deceptively easy to drink)

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