28 January 2010

Simon 1- 0 Swine flu

Yes it has been a bit quiet on here for a little while, thats been because I had some pesky porcine pathogens floating round in my body. All gone..... touch wood..... do not fancy a rematch, as a treat before more serious stuff resumes (ie. job hunt) I allowed myself a little fun.

An angry man.... thats how I felt at my human fraility, whilst I had the energy

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  1. Hey Big Fella - sorry to hear you've had 'the germ' - but pleased to hear you're making a recovery... Regarding job hunting, have you had a bash at Squint Opera yet? There's a tradition of UCA alumni working for them...you might also want to contact Pete Wallace at Butch Auntie... drop me an email, I'll put some email contacts your way... :-)