05 January 2010

This is my final piecefrom my Tableaux Vivante (sp?) project . Mostly for Lev as she is doing an uncanny shed... the figure in my shed is a homage to Crewdson. Actually lifted from one of his works.... so sue me lol


  1. Evening Big Fella - yep, we're doing the rounds in tandem (but not on a tandem fortunately - though it's an idea!). Great to see this image again :-) Gave me a nostalgic buzz! In truth, it means a great deal to me personally that you're still engaging with the students; in cv land, it's all teaching experience, so keep racking it up. Anyway, it's very generous of you and much appreciated :-)

  2. Oh yeah - forgot to say that, when you get a few comments, the lightness of your blog background makes it difficult to read what people are saying...

  3. Thought I would try something new with the background but that idea obviously only lasted a couple of days.

    Had a really rough period from about the end of November till just before Christmas with a really gnarly cold that would not leave me alone. Really didn't feel up to making a useful comment. Is good to be back though.