14 January 2010

Wall Texture Example for Ruben

Hi Ruben here is an example of how various maps can be used to distress a wall (or a simple plane to you and I)

First off the maps

specular map

Bump map

Colour map

and the rendered wall with a simple spotlight,
simple wall with basic colour, bump and spec

the same wall with more wear and tear

the final wall with a simple dado rail added to the mix hope this gives you some ideas to the possibilities, this was about an hours work with distractions.


  1. Actually after placing the wall into the scene I realised that the spec map had to be much darker. but you get the idea.

  2. Hey Simon - lovely stuff - much appreciated... teaching experience by remote - my instincts tell me it will pay dividends in the future :-)

  3. Great example, I will have a go taking some tips you gave me.

  4. Thanks Simon, that helped me too! I was having some trouble with specularity...

  5. Cheers guys, I think specularity is the hardest one to pull off and the one that probably involves the most trial and error, with bump maps the important thing NOT to do is to desaturate your colour map, the colour map makes a good base to work both the bump and spec from.

    Next stop normal mapping yay