12 January 2010

Where I am going? and Inspiration?

Now Phil, I'll fill you in on where I am going with this if you answer my little poser a few posts back (Happy New Year), what is the inspiration for the black cottage that is shown in the low poly models post ... actually the one above. The original has a small outhouse on the side and a window above the door.
1. Its in Kent (just)
2. Garden Design
3. Film Making


  1. Derek Jarman's garden in Dungeoness? Right?

    You might want to visit the blog below - but be warned, the images are by a friend of mine - a 6ft 6 gay German psychiatrist who is not afraid of 'letting it all hang out' - so to speak; he's taken some very evocative images of some of the mechanical detritus on the beach; indeed, in March, I'll be exhibiting some work with him in the Horsebridge in Whitstable... anyway, he's a lovely guy and certainly not as scary as he may first appear...


  2. Bravo, although the clues were rather obvious, and I knew you would get it right off.

    Just checked out Jan's blog, and he has captured those images wonderfully.