04 February 2010

Getting there


  1. very shiny! This will have the first years slavering!

    Check out http://www.recomfarmhouse.com/

    Alan tells me the company was set up by one of our graduates from back in the beginning - you might want to give them a go...

  2. wow that is awesome! how long did it take you to get to that stage! lol!

  3. Hi Phil, unusual to do shiny lol.
    I have checked out recomfarmhouse a while ago, at the moment I am working up my showreel from scratch to get some more technical stuff in there.

    Hi Jack so far this is about sixteen hours work so far, its the dfetails taht are going to take the time, wheels are proxy, tyres will be modelled rather than textured, interior need to be made and textures need to be worked up so probably about half way there.

    Then its time to start on car 2 which will be another performancs saloon, then several lower poly "extra" cars.