02 March 2010

Blogger being silly.

For some strange reason Blogger isn't showing the comments on my last post, despite telling me there is one, is Blogger telling fibs or just being naughty, if anyone did post a comment would they care to repost it on this post.... pretty please.


  1. Cheers Jack, thought it might be something worth while,I assume I am not the only one who gets these lol,
    1. is it Japanese, Chinese etc?
    2. what does it actually say?
    3. who sends it?

  2. Weird, had one of these of a similar nature a while back and no idea where it came from, it even found its way through the word verification thing when I had it on.

    Its Chinese, and from what I can gather, its malicious spam advertising porn so don't go clicking any links it gives. Best to delete them and be rid of them.

  3. Cheers Leo, wouldn't have considered myself target audience material, but I guess you can't blame them for trying.

  4. haha funny, wtf they advertising on blogs for?