08 March 2010

More character work.... Armoured Transient

this was a 45 speed paint derived from blocking in abstract shapes and seeing what appeared.... the title bears very little relevance so I present


  1. COOL, Simon don't know if you caught my response to your query on my blog but one of the things I mentioned is that I'm returning to the South and would love to collaborate, my ducks are in enough of a row to allow sufficient commitment...

  2. Hey Simon, re my zbrush character, I'm trying to get a really specific anatomy with this guy, lean and agile, like he's done yoga all his life. Its kind of a test of my full body sculpting, and to sell the zbrush idea to the college and prove its workflow and sculptural excellence.. Are you a zbrusher yourself, you should buy yourself a copy.. Oh by the way, are you working right now, I could keep my ear to the ground for openings.. Phill H