12 August 2010

Amalfi Coast here I come

Well guys tomorrow I depart to Sorrento for a week, so unless I find a Wi-Fi spot then no updates for a while. Whilst trying to relax I will be visiting either Pompeii or Herculaneum, climbing Mt Vesuvias and hopefully visiting the Emperors palace on Capri, so plenty of opportunity to grab some reference shots.

In between these little trips I hope to be exploring the back streets and cafes of Sorrento and indulging in some sketching and being all arty etc. lol.

So assuming I don't become all pre-occupied there should be plenty of updates soon.


  1. Go to Pompeii! I went there when I was a kid, its brilliant :)

  2. Have you hardwired yourself to your Mac Phil.... no kids= plenty of work (well it is a theory anyway)

  3. Hi Tom it is a toss up between Herculaneum and Pompeii... Herculaneum is the less touristy Pompeii junior so it is a tough call.

  4. Enjoy man. Have a great time :)