02 August 2010

More Undead goodness


  1. Hey Big Fella,

    Watched Shaun of the Dead again last night when I should have been doing something much more productive - I think it might be one of my favourite movies ever - it's just so British, and yet also nails the zombie stuff so well, and I defy anyone no to squirm when Simon Pegg has to shoot Penelope Wilton :-(

    I've looked at your blog list and you don't appear to be following the CGAA group blog (as I've been posting a few things there, and Alan has been posting from America, and they're not showing on your list?)

    Anyway, below are the first of the brand new blogs of the incoming first year... you might want to add them to your list; there'll soon be more, so watch this place. Are you an author on the CGAA group blog? If not, send me your email and I'll get you an invite sorted...



  2. Hi Phil,
    no I don't have CGAA on my watch list, as I am an author I link to it from my dashboard, my to watch list needs a bit of a tidy up at the mo. Nice to see Alan (showing off, spreading envy etc.) blogging on his little jaunt.

  3. Oh oh oh. Lovely paint here man. :D