11 August 2010

Old School Skull Painting from reference.

Rams Skull

Practising Lava


  1. Hey Simon, thanks for the links. I was wondering how do you create such nice textured paint work. Ive noticed in most of your paintings you have achieved a nice level of texture and was wondering how you went about doing so. Ive played around with a few different brushes but none of which seem to work.

    The skulls looking real nice by the way, cheers


  2. Hey Rich,

    Nice of you to drop by. Firstly I don't really use a myriad brushes in an image,the skull for example only uses 2 one is a custom one I made for the horn and the other is one I downloaded, Emrah Paste iirc. As for Texture if I explain how I work then that might help.

    1.although not always the case I lay down a very basic line drawing

    2. I block in the predominant colours in the approximate positions, I then use either the canvas colour or the eraser to refine the silhouete , and if I have one I drop the opacity on the outline layer.

    3. By varying the opacity and brush sizes I refine the shapes, this process takes several passes working across the form to build up form, tone, colour and rendering. Texture is after all a combination of these principles reduced to the n'th degree. if you were to grab a magnifying glass you could refine infinitely, of course that would be pretty much pointless.

    4.A final couple of passes on different layers to correct highlights and shadows and maybe push a bit more depth and that's is pretty much it.

    Remember that you should be able to paint pretty much anything by using the default round brush.

    Some people work up from a grey scale image, establishing the tone and depth of an image before glazing the colours other the lower layers.

    This probably isn't much help lol. Best advice I can give is get out there and observe real textures.


  3. Hi Simon, I glad to have stumbled across your work and blog! My band have been around two years releasing stuff and with our new single we will launch a blogsite on the internet (finally). Your ram's head painting is awesome. Would you allow us to use that picture on our site? You would be credited where ever it's used. I could link to this site if you want. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Sean.

  4. Please contact me when you are free scapegoattheory@hotmail.com