31 August 2010

Sketchbook page 3


  1. yeh simon, these pages are all I need to see, you're a top draw drawer.. Love that style, reminds me of how I doodle a lot.. The most satisfying thing in the world to do with a pencil I reckon. I think we should have a draw off, you in? Set a loose brief and run with it, see what people think. The way I see it is we're both drawing anyway so let's push ourselves with purpose.. Keep it up..

  2. Hey Phil thanks for dropping by. A draw off sounds like a great idea, what do you have in mind?

    Another thing that I have in mind is setting up a sketch meet thingy in the student union or somewhere, although I would have to thrash out times, places etc. etc. as well as see what the potential interest would be like.