08 September 2010

Character Design Pre-Lim Sketches

These are a series of character designs that I have been working through in order to develop a character for an art battle with Phill Hoskins (who will no doubt serve my ass to me lol) these took no more than a couple of mins a piece. At the moment I am just trying to grab an essence that I can build on.

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  1. SImon, me old mukka. Right, I've been away, I've come back and I'm raring to go with the draw off. Nice sketches BTW.. OK, this week I'm going to jump in to the battle by designing my character of epic proportions. I reckon I'll do as you have and block out some silhouettes and see what I can come up with. We can refine the rules from there. What I'm thinking is we both come up with a character and make a piece of concept art each showing our character annihilating the others as we see fit, sound fun? this way we both get to draw the others character. Oh by the way when do you work at the college? I hear you put an appearance in from time to time now.. Phill