06 March 2011

Old, Old (nay ancient) Skull drawing

A positively ancient drawing circa 1990. This was drawn from life on A3 paper (hence the horrible scan) and mounted really badly (hence the awful wrinkles). The main intent was to investigate the structures in the cavities and to determine the proportions. With hindsight I should have ditched the Dutch  Angle and drawn the lower jaw and the top of the skull to give a better sense of the proportions.


  1. Definitely used a good reference I'm guessing?

    Really nicely done Simon - Very convincing, I don't envy drawing the bits you see through the eyes

  2. Yes Elly, that was the benefit of working from a real skull. Working on those details were the most enjoyable parts, something to do withthe wonder of nature etc. etc.

  3. It definitely shows - I'm using an Anatomy Tools brand male figure model, and doesn't show as much detail as I'd like. But hey we make do and learn by doing.