05 May 2011

@ Phill (no..... not you Phil)....New Character Design

 I started with some uber loose sketch more to warm up rather than nail anything cohesive. I knew I wanted to draw a female character, with a post apocalyptic/ Steampunk vibe. I picked apart my initial sketches, noting were the anatomy was off and why.
 Once I had decided on a pose I blocked in a real rough idea, I decided that she should have two weapons, a flame thrower and an armoured glove (no doubt a bit Hell Boy creeping in there). This concept was taken a little bit further in the next stage with a bit more detail and the addition of a helmet.
 Final pencil sketch: I changed a few things on this piece  the three most notable changes are the pose of the right arm, the weapon and a sleeker helmet design. I changed the weapon because I liked the idea of Phills character getting blown out of the shy by a huge dollop of 12 gauge shot rather than burnt to a cinder as he lands. I altered the pose to make her a bit more dynamic and show of the physique a bit better. Talking of physique I wanted this character to be pretty athletic, after all she does wander a post-apoc landscape, fighting to survive on a daily basis, therefore she is going to be a fairly tough cookie.

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