28 March 2012

Bio Ship Final

The Syrphoid family of insects were developed in the geno labs of Austros prime. The unusually low gravity of the planet enabled the geno scientists to experiment with lighter than air bio-transport to achieve orbital positions. Whilst developing these craft, scientists noticed an unusual ability of one of the sub-species to phase out of its holding containers and reappear some distance away.

After observation it was noted that the creatures used a latent psychic jolt to create a jump point into warp space re-emerging at a pre-known point. Centuries later Austrans use Astral Syrphoids predominantly for its space travel needs. The example shown is a light version where the Navalign is connected to the primary brain functions of the creature via an umbilicus also connected by sub-spline is the Navaligns child. Such training flights are common within the Nav families and are used for the shorter interplanetary runs. The flotation sacs that surround the legs deflate at space pressure.

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