17 June 2012

UCA Maidstone, Photographs and Brick Lane.

Today I travelled up to The Rag Factory, Brick Lane in London to help the Fine Art Media guys bring back their degree show.  The day started well, I got over to UCA Maidstone a little early to pick up my co-pilot Tariq. Whilst waiting I decided to get some shots of the building. I was trying to find some interesting angles that I use as a starting point for some digital paintings.

I think the rain spouts form some nice shapes to work and the rain gutter has also given me a few ideas to play with, not sure where I can go with the wooden posts maybe playing around with some cropping and rotation may yield.

I also took a few general shots of the building, especially the foyer/reception vestibule.

All in all the run went pretty well although getting home at 20:00 was a bit of a bummer, I also would have liked to get some nice shots from around Brick Lane as it is a very cosmopolitan and vibrant part of London, unfortunately  time was at a premium so I couldn't grasp the opportunity this visit.


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