05 November 2012

Flatpack Exhibition

I have the pleasure in taking part in the Flatpack exhibition that will be touring the 5 campuses of the University for the Creative Arts.

The ‘FLATPACK’ exhibition is a celebration of technicians and their work.
We tend to think of a distinction between manual and mental labour, a binary played out and socially reinforced from school onwards: The doer and the thinker. This division exists across the world of work – workers/managers – and is even played out at a university level, where as a student we find ourselves confronted with two levels of tutor, the academic and the technician. These categories assert themselves as real distinctions in status and pay, but also reinforce this artificial binary between thinkers and doers.
However this is a questionable state of affairs in a university for creative arts. An Art practice is precisely the type of self-determined activity which actively resists these categories; it is by necessity labour of both hand and head, never merely mechanical, and rarely conceptual without some sort of physical execution. Both the Academic and the Technician are thinker and doer, both are artist and teacher.

What you see here is a selection of work from UCA Technical staff from Kent campuses. It is what it is. Each work shown ‘flat-packs’ into a shoebox for transport between sites. Some works demonstrate a ‘mastery of craft’, which you might expect from technical labour, others adopt a more conceptual approach. Some works are finished articles, others are works-in-progress.

We hope you enjoy the show,

Kent Technical Team

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  1. Hey Simon :)

    With a PWTM in the offing, is there anything Simon Holland-centric I can include in addition to profiling this exhibition - a short statement, a sneak peek etc? Let me know, because I'd very much like to make a feature of it in the PWTM... :)