17 January 2013

New Honda NSX Pics

Being a bit of a petrol head I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Honda's 2nd generation NSX. First unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2012 a new tauter and more finished version has been revealedon this 2nd pass at the concept the dimensions have been trimmed by a few milimeters here and there and this one has an interior.

Power is probably going to be supplied by a 3.5 litre 400BHP petrol engine situated in the middle of the car. This will be bolstered by 3 electric motors a booster in the rear supplementing the main engine and 2 more driving each of the front wheels, as well as adding 100BHP to the overall power the front motors will also aid stability and handling.

Stylistically the NSX is a blend of hard edges sharp creases and swooping curves. Honda as a company are firm believers in engineering excellence and the previous generation of the NSX was a prime example of this. I can imagine that a lot of the design of this generation was formed in conjunction with the wind tunnel a wheel in the extremities of the corners are no doubt a further nod to the handling capabilities of the car.

The original NSX looked like a bit of a whale, the design carried the weight of the decade it was designed in despite this it was an attractive car in a way, and it could handle in ways that it's looks wouldn't suggest. The 2nd generation is petite, it's size making you wonder how they shoe-horned 5 motors into and still made room for passengers.

I cannot wait for this blend of design and engineering to finally hit the street.

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