14 May 2013

Speculative Landscape (and a couple of other bits.)

I was starting to feel guilty that I hadn't done any concept environmentally stuff for what seems like an age so I spent a short while knocking this up as a warm up exercise. I wanted to create something light and breezy for the short time I spent on it I am quite happy with it.

The Valley Beyond the Rift

Below are a couple of designs for rose bowl trophies, the first is for a competition sponsored by industrial giant Tata, the second is for Hampshire Cricket Club, hence the incorporation of the relevant logos into the lid design. These designs were commissioned by silversmith Kevin Hart. 

And finally a proof of concept model for two artists namely Dr Terry Perk and Julian Rowe.
This design is being entered into a competition where the winning piece will be situated at on of Oxford Universities new buildings. The building in question is a mathematics department and the sculpture is derived from the Fibonacci number sequence. This design was also dispatched for rapid prototyping to provide the artists with some elements to experiment with.

In the meantime I am also working on the car that I showed a while ago and a few other parts of the illustration. Thanks for popping by,


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  1. That landscape is beautiful man. You should make that in 3D (Before I do :P )