24 September 2013

Feedback Time.... Current Work in Progress

 This is my current piece, it doesn't have a title yet.

Any thoughts etc. would be much appreciated

And seeing as the first year CGAA students are doing thumbnails I thought I would post up one of my typical environment thumbnail sheets.


  1. Hi Simon,

    It's looking good, I see that life drawing has provided inspiration. Maybe try playing around with the figure itself, the head seems somewhat stiff in contrast with the body. Another option would be to play with those foreground elements. I'm not sure how (maybe a few quick comp studies would help) but those figures could be used to make the scale seem even grander and more involving.

    1. Hey Jordan,

      I reworked the head somewhat ... the eyes were too wide apart, ear too low and the face lacked the bulk to match the body. I have just added an update which is much more along the lines of what I want.