18 October 2013

More Digital Paintings.....

I thought I had better get off of my fat arse and post some stuff up. I haven't been completely lazy, a couple of training courses, teaching and a few free-lance odds 'n' sods have been keeping me busy. Thursdays are also life drawing night for me, and I have the pleasure of showing some of my drawings in a currently running show. So all in all quite busy.... oh and I have been dipping back into Maya and Mudbox for some 3D stuff.

This is my current work in progress.... I am hoping to get this one finished tomorrow as I am doing a digital painting demonstration for the UCA open day.

And this one is a master study of Rembrandt, I had so much fun doing this I had to force myself to stop before I got too immersed.

Hopefully I will be able to update a bit more often now.