30 June 2016

Chandalier Zoetrope Animation

I produced this short animation for The White Wall Company who were contracted to bring the bacchanalian visions of artist Matt Collishaw. The idea behing this was to demonstrate to the artist how everything would come together. I was responsible for piecing the chandelier together from a couple of sources and file types. The actual glasswork was created in a CAD package (Rhino iirc) by Ed Oliver and the figure came out of either Mudbox or ZBrush  by Seb (didn't get a last name). Upon receipt of all the different files I had to set up the scene including positioning all the elements in the correct places generate and apply materials, apply lighting and animate to simulate a zoetrope like appearance. That was all pretty straight forward , in principle, by the scene weighed in at over 95 million polys which was stretching my machine, several render layers and a lot of swearing later I managed to finally push out a finalised version. All CG work was carried out in Maya 2015 and compositing was taken care of in After Effects.

Matt Collishaw's website is here:


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