30 June 2016

Fashion Media and Promotion: Styling Workshop Edit

As part of Fashion Media and Promotion Grad show in Camden they set up a styling workshop ans shoot for prospective students etc.  The shoot was documented by Paul Astley using a Go Pro and DSLR in video mode I received the resulting clips in the morning of the next day and had till 4 to edit them so they could be shown on a large screen at the private view. Part of the brief was that sound wasn't required as there would be a PA system active. It was a challenge working with footage that I had no control over and with limited subject matter. I personally find it easier to edit to an audio track so I inserted a piece in that I felt appropriate and set a rhythm that I wanted and edited to that, removing it for the final output. I would have put it back in for this but it is copyrighted.... Hey Ho

The editing was carried out in Premier Pro

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