21 September 2016

End of Summer Update

Recently my blog has become rather neglected in favour of the instant hit generated by Instagram. I have a partially productive summer with the opportunity for plenty of drawing and painting, as well a brief sojourn in France.

Growth, pencil on paper, 10cm x 17.5cm

One of the tasks I have set myself is at least one drawing a day, these have tended to be quick pen drawings covering a variety of whimsical subjects. I have finally managed to get round to scanning some of these so they can be published. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them at the moment, but they individuals may become a painting or something else entirely. Below is a small selection from the past three months or so:


Of course I haven't been completely absent from the digital realm either below are a couple of bits that I worked on recently. I planning to make the Battle for Hoth available as a limited edition run of Giclee prints , it could be an interesting experiment:


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